IP Camera: a IP Camera who not only capture video like common CCTV Camera, but also compress data and send data to end-user via LAN, Internet or WLAN. You can publish and view video only need to plug network cable or set wifi signal and power ip camera. IP Camera has its own microprocessor, often use linux operation system, built-in web server, support multiple network protocols. IP camera has its own ip address and DDNS domain name, it can be viewed by inputting ip address into IE browser address bar or via CMS software. It is widely used for office, building, chain enterprise, large factory machine room, remote elder children nurse, public buildings, nobody dangerous environment monitor, finance institution branch monitor, traffic monitor and etc.


Rearview Camera: a closed circuit television CCTV camera with mirror image used on car / bus / truck while reversing. It adopts wide angle lens to form wide angle view. The size is mini. It is waterproof camera and water resistant level is IP66, so you can feel free to install it at rear side of the car. It can be worked with car DVR recorder, quad processor. It can be viewed through LCD monitor, TV and etc.


HD: high definition, 720P(1280*720)


WIFI: Wireless Fidelity, wireless local area network, WLAN. Wireless local area network based on IEEE 802.11b/g/n, a local area network that uses high frequency radio signals to transmit and receive data over distances of a few hundred feet; uses ethernet protocol.


P2P: PNP, plug-and-play, a progress of interface technique, plug and play, no need people operate.


3G: 3rd generation cellular mobile communication technology which support high speed data transmission.

3G transmits audio and data at the same time. Speed rate is often above several hundred kbps.

3G is a new generation mobile communication technology which combines wireless communication and multimedia (internet and etc.) communication.

Presently, 3G has 4 standard: CDMA2000, WCDMA, TD-SCDMA, WiMAX.

Combining WAP and WEB is a trend.

3G has faster speed in transmitting sound and data compared to 2G. 3G can realize wireless roaming better on a global scale and deal with image, music, video stream and many other media form.

3G provides a variety of information services containing webpage browsing, teleconference, e-commerce, In order to provide this service, wireless network must support different data transmitting speed, means indoor, outdoor and driving environment, 3G support respectively at least 2Mbps, 384kbps, 144kbps (the data vary in different network environment.

1. Power Camera:

Input SIM card into 3G IP Camera’s card slot, Connect power supply (DC5V2A), when the power LED is on, the device starts.


2. Plug Cat5 Cable:

Plug one end of network cable into ip camera, plug the other end of network cable into router or switch, then network LED is on, showing connection well.


3. Set IP Address of IP Camera:

Factory default setting in network parameters of the camera:


Subnet mask:


HTTP port: 80

RTSP port: 554

Network camera must be in the same network segment with PC. First of all, the gateway and subnet mask should be the same. Secondly, IP address is also in the same paragraph, such as:

IP address of PC is

IP address of the camera must be in the range(except

If their network parameter is inconsistent, you need to update the network parameter of the camera.

Run the Search tool to search cameras (search tool that comes with the product CD)

Click Update IP, change camera network settings, then search again, the camera will display the updated IP address.


4. Access via IE browser:

Input IP address of network camera, such as: HTTP port is not 80, need to follow with HTTP port. Input user name and password. After login in, if the view page is blank, please install OCX control in CD or operate as following steps:

a. open an IE, click tool-internet option-security-customize level-enable all the ActiveX control-security level low-confirm

b. close firewall

c. close anti-virus software


5. View via CMS:

Install software in CD and View via software for multiple camera monitor.

Installed at rear side of car, truck and bus, mount with screws.

1. Mount under the safety bar

2. Mount upon the rear

3. Mount in the room of bus

Automobile rearview camera, has been widely used in all kinds of car, how to choose a good car rearview camera? For customers, may be difficult, because now the products on the market is uneven, have to say, but in any case, the performance from the following several aspects to examine the camera:


1. Chip (because this is the core chip, automobile rearview camera and not domestic manufacturers can make out, chip has two kinds: CCD and CMOS chip, CMOS representative manufacturers: OV, PIXEL, Micron. Different chip, the price is different.)


The CCD and CMOS chips are an important part of automobile rearview camera, according to the different components, it is divided into CCD and CMOS. CMOS is mainly applied to the lower image quality products, it has the advantages of manufacturing cost, power consumption was lower than that of CCD, the disadvantage is that the CMOS camera on the light requirements higher; CCD is used in photography, camera high-end technology components also comes with video capture card. CCD and CMOS, in the technology and the performance in general, CCD is better, but the price is expensive, suggest that without considering the cost under the premise of CCD camera.


2. Resolution

Clarity is one of the important indexes to measure the camera. Generally speaking, the quality of the products will be high definition of the image, the television line number: CCD 420 TV lines, CMOS is a 380 TV lines, for the present definition in the 420 line of products has become a mainstream product reversing camera, 380 line if you are debugging a good can also choose. But according to different grade of each camera chip, the photosensitive element is different, including debug technician level, quality of products in the same chip of the same rank may appear will vary, on the contrary, high-definition product vision will discount.


3. Night Vision

Night vision effect with product definition, definition of product is higher vision will not too good, this is because the chip itself, but the good quality products have night vision function, and no image of an object is like effect, although the color will be worse, but that is not a problem.


4. Waterproof

The same chip, different manufacturers to produce products, waterproof performance is different, so the key is also the vehicle users need to pay attention to, once the water resistance is not good, will cause the camera is not waterproof.


5. Interface

Currently on the market the common interface: RCA, BNC, an aviation plug, and a small part is the use of S terminal, the most professional aviation plug (set power supply, signal, development), the shockproof performance, anti-interference ability, bending, assembling structure, are the other interface cannot be compared, so also supporting depot the first product.


To sum up: the automobile rearview camera is considered from these aspects, the most important is to look at the chip, the waterproof performance. Of course, the most important is to look at the image on the screen effect.

Frequently Asked Questions for Rearview Camera:




Why is requested all cars to mount rearview camera by 2014 in USA?

Remove the driver reversing blind zone by installing rearview camera, will be able to avoid the death in 95 to 112 cases caused by car accidents every year. According to statistics, 228 people die every year in the United States car accidents, and about 17000 people were injured in the accident.

What is the difference of origin and mirror image?

Simply speaking, origin image is viewed by your eyes straight ahead, mirror image is your eyes view back via a mirror.

The camera behind the auto is loose, how to do?

Tighten the screws. If no screws, check whether can stuck, fix via glass glue. Or go to repair shop.

I want to install camera at License plate LED, need to put off LED?

Need to choose a location to drill hole, can not put off led, otherwise, can not pass annual inspection.

My car has parking sensor, need I install rear view camera also?

There are blank area among sensors, only 1pc reversing camera is ok, easy installation, reversing camera can show true distance between rear bumper and obstacle. This advantage is imcomparable.

How can I know where to install origin camera and mirror camera?

Camera installed in front of vehicle and inside of vehicle needs to be origin image camera; camera installed at rear side of vehicle needs to be mirror image camera.

Will be waterproof rearview camera water inflow when washing car? Why become blurry

Waterproof rear view camera will have be entered with water, if blurry, due to plastic lens high low temperature aging or there is water vapour due to glue is not good or outside glass has dust.

What is overall view camera? 360degree?

In fact, no 360degree camera, some manufactures call like this, it means install each one piece on left, right, front, rear.

Can big truck install wireless rear view camera?

Signal is not good, do not suggest to install wireless for big truck.

Can I use wireless backing-up camera?

Wireless is easy to install, but easy to be interfered, image transfer is not steady, suggest to use wired which has steady image.

How to get rid of water vapour in side of backing-up camera?

Blow dry via Blow drier (hair drier), and then use butter to seal

Why often no image for car dvd reversing camera?

Video cable has problem, or connector is not connected well.

My truck has a traffic collision once, then the rear view camera do not have image.

May repair person is careless, and forgot to connect well rearview camera. Or camera broken due to bounce.

My public bus is 24V, can I install rear view camera?

Yes, camera can be produced as 24V or 12V, if you need 24V, just talk to supplier that your need 24V rearview camera to match your 24V bus.